What is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Full Mouth Rehabilitation is the systematic approach for restoring all of your teeth at the same time. There are multiple reasons why one would need Full Mouth Rehabilitation.

When is FMR needed?

Some of the reasons can be severely worn down teeth, multiple missing teeth, severe decay in all or most of the teeth, severe erosion of the enamel, TMJ pain, congenital disorders that cause missing teeth, traumatic injury to the mouth/teeth. At Dr. Roshan's Advanced Dental Clinic And Implant Center, we have expert providers those who have a focus in many different areas which allows us to comprehensively take care of a patient while taking care of all their needs.

We have cosmetic dental professionals who can transform your smile into the beautiful smile that you’ve always dreamed of. Whether it is surgical with implants or needing root canals or taking care of your periodontal needs, we have got surgeons who can take care of that. Having all those in one place, allows the communication of all those people to give you the best result and the best service as well. And above all, it gives you the convenience of having it in one place.


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