We all want a beautiful smile without going through a long process. With the latest dental implant technology, now we can get you from no teeth to fixed teeth in 72 hours. You will be able to smile beautifully within 3 days without going through a long procedure.

What are Basal Implants?

Basal implants are the most innovative implants to date. It is also called cortical implants. The basal implants use the dense part of the jaw bone also known as cortical or basal bone. The basal bone provides excellent quality of bone for retention of these unique and highly advanced implants.


For whom are the basal implants recommended?

The basal implants are a good option if you
  • have a low bone density
  • have diabetes
  • suffer from chronic diseases
  • need an entire jaw rehabilitation
  • want to get fixed teeth in 72 hours or 3 days

What are the advantages of basal implants?

The advantages of basal implants are as follows

  • Applicable in most cases, even if other methods are not feasible.
  • The time required for healing is less
  • No need for sinus lift or bone graft
  • You can get a fixed denture with implants within one week.
  • Implantation can be performed immediately after tooth extraction.
  • High success rate

Is a basal implant better than a traditional implant?

The basal implant and traditional implant are different from each other. Both have their positives. A traditional implant procedure generally takes 6 months to 1 year but through basal implants, you can get fixed teeth in 72 hours. Your dentist can suggest what option is best for you depending on the condition of your jaw bone and the time available.

What is the cost of getting fixed teeth in 72 hours?

The cost of getting fixed teeth in 72 hours will vary depending on the condition of your oral health. But it is more cost-friendly as it does not require a bone graft or sinus lift.

Is getting basal implants painful?

Getting basal implants is a pain-free procedure.

How to take care of the basal implants?

Basal implants do not require any extra attention, you can easily take care of your basal implant by

  • Maintaining proper oral hygiene post-surgery.
  • Regular dental checkups.
  • Brushing twice daily.

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