Everyone of us desire for a beautiful smile. Smile is our first gesture towards everyone and we always want to look confident while smiling. Through digital smiling designing in Mulund East, you can obtain your desired smile.

What is Digital smile designing?

Dental smile designing is a unique tool that improves the communication between the dentist and patient. Through the use of videos and photos, our dentist will be able to understand better about the relationship between the lips, gums and teeth and also bow they function together.

The objective of the treatment is to provide aesthetic satisfaction to the patient. A patient can involve in designing the smile along with the dentist. Smile aesthetics are related to the form, texture, colour, and alignment of the anterior teeth as well as to intraoral soft tissues, lips, and facial aesthetics.

An important objective of an aesthetic treatment is that the final result should be as close as possible to the patient's expectations, improving his/her facial aesthetics and smile.


What is the procedure of digital smile designing in Mulund East?

After successful installation of patient details, complete analysis of the mouth is done. Later, with the help of the reference lines the aesthetic designing of the smile is created. Various forms and shapes are placed over the top of the teeth image from the digital library. In the entire process, the patient is fully involved in designing the desired smile he/she wants.

Once the design is finalised, the dentist will start working towards the process of restoration. Various mock-up models are used in mouth to know which fits best for the patient.

During the procedure, a damaged or chipped tooth/teeth is removed and restored with the help of implants and veneers.

The final stage of the treatment involves polishing of the teeth to give it a shiny and clean look.

What is the cost of digital smile designing in Mulund East?

Each treatment is customised on the basis of the patients and no design is same. So, the cost of the treatment varies patient to patient and there is no fixed price for it. However, you can get the best digital smile designing in Mulund East in a very attractive pricing. To know more, consult with us today.

What is the benefit of digital smile designing?

  • - Get attractive smile.
  • - Enjoy new and attractive personality.
  • - Feel great about yourself.
  • - Regain the confidence in you.
  • - Transform your aesthetic appearance.

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