What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are used typically to protect a fractured or an RCT treated tooth. In this era of modern dentistry, ceramic dental crowns are one of the most aesthetic options that replicate natural enamel. In olden days, ceramic systems were weaker, thus it was made in combination with metal. The base of the crown was made of metal and then porcelain was fused to the underneath metal.

Ever wonder why you see a dark line at the gum line of some people’s teeth?

When the crown is made up of metal or PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal) it is tends to result in the dark line at the gum line of some people.

At Dr. Roshan's Advanced Dental Clinic And Implant Center we avoid metal crowns mainly for 2 primary reasons:

The first reason is that there is no way to replicate nature when there is metal underneath the porcelain. And secondly; the human body does not like to have metal surrounding sensitive gum tissue with the exception of titanium.

What is a Porcelain Bridge?

Dental bridges, or more specifically, a porcelain bridge is a treatment option for replacing a missing tooth. A porcelain bridge is a highly aesthetic and functional option that will replace the lost tooth.

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