Braces are not any more teenage thing. Now a days everyone with misaligned teeth is going for braces treatment. It has become very popular amongst the adults as everyone of us desires a beautiful smile and a beautiful set of teeth enhances our smile. So, if you are someone who wants to know about braces treatment in Mulund east, book your appointment today.

What is Braces treatment?

Braces treatment is an orthodontic treatment which is done to straighten crowded, crooked or misaligned teeth. It also aims at improving dental health. Braces can also fix gaps.

The process might take quite a few months to complete but the end result is very impressive and effective.


What is the procedure of braces treatment in Mulund East?

First visit: Once you decided to go for braces treatment, book an appointment with us. Our braces treatment specialist will consult you and will ask you to do an x-ray of your whole mouth and of the individual teeth. This will help our doctor to understand better about how to proceed with the treatment and how long it might take to complete the treatment.

Placement: In your next visit, the braces will be placed. To do so, your doctor will clean the teeth to prevent it from bacterial infection.

This process of placing the braces might take little longer than your first visit. All the procedure will be done with utmost care to provide you with the best result.

Once the braces are placed, you might find it discomforting. But over a course of time, you will be able to adjust the changes made in your mouth and be comfortable with it.

It is advised to consume soft and cold food after the procedure. Some medications will also be prescribed by our doctors, which you need to consume routinely.

Follow-ups: Later, you need to pay a timely visit to your doctor for the maintenance and adjustment of the braces. With time, the teeth start to come together in the proper place, and thus we need to adjust the braces accordingly.

Removal: After the end of the process, when the teeth are in desired shape and place, the braces are removed.

What is the cost of braces treatment in Mulund east?

We offer an attractive and reasonable pricing for the braces treatment. However, there is no fixed price as the cost of the treatment varies on several factors like the number of teeth that are need to be fixed, the type of braces that will be used and how long the treatment will go on.

Is braces treatment is painful?

The placement of braces is not painful at all. However, the pre process of cleaning the teeth might cause little discomfort and irritating to the gum. But during the process, whenever you feel any pain, please ask for our doctor’s help.

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