The premolars and molars are used for chewing food. So, whenever we eat something, there is a chance of food accumulation in these to sets of teeth. Lack of proper brushing and oral health attracts bacteria by this accumulated food. The bacteria then caused decaying in the tooth and thus leaving a cavity behind. So, if you want a solution for any such dental problem, visit us for tooth colored filling in Mulund east and get your filling done today.

What is tooth colored filling?

Cavity filling or tooth coloured filling is a procedure where a enamel coloured material is used to seal the cavity and refrain the tooth from further damage. It can also be used to repair chipped and damaged tooth.

How long tooth colored filling last?

With proper care, a tooth-colored filling can last for more than 15 years.


What are the advantages of tooth colored filling in Mulund East?

  • Aesthetic look is enhanced as no more cavity of dark tooth is visible.
  • Extraction of tooth is not required.
  • Tooth is protected from further damage.

What is the cost of tooth colored filling in Mulund east?

The cost of the treatment depends on the material you choose for filling the cavity. However, we have a very reasonable pricing for all types of treatment done here.

What are the after care of tooth colored filling?

  • Maintain oral care routine.
  • Use floss daily.
  • Clean your mouth properly after every meal.

What are the other types of fillings available?

1. Composite filling: These are resin-based aesthetic materials used to fill the cavity after removing the decaying part. These filling matches with the color of the patient’s existing teeth. This is the most popular type of filling.

2. Amalgam filling: These are made up of an alloy of silver and mercury. Since it is not the material that matches with the color of the tooth, it is mostly used at the rare part of the mouth where it is not visible much.

3. Ceramic filling: These are tooth colored filling made up of porcelain. As compared to composite filling, ceramic fillings are more brittle in nature but as we said with proper care the filling can last up to 15 years. Ceramic fillings are little expensive than the composite type of filling.

4. Glass Ionomer: These are made up of acrylic and fluroaluminosilicate, a component of glass. This material is most commonly used as a temporary filling, for fillings below the gumline and fillings in young children.

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