Fixed Teeth In A Day

Your new teeth will have nearly the same chewing power as that of natural teeth. Due to the special techniques used in this procedure, bone grafting is unnecessary in most cases, even for patients who have experienced severe bone loss.

How New Teeth in One Day Works

Implants need a certain volume of dense bone available in the jaw to be stably placed. In the past, this was often a problem for patients seeking full-arch tooth replacement with dental implants. Lengthy bone grafting procedures were often necessary to build up enough support for dental implant treatment to even be possible.

With the New Teeth in One Day procedure, four or more specially designed implants are placed in strategic positions that take advantage of specific areas of dense bone that exist in almost every patient. This eliminates the need for bone grafting for most patients and has made getting fixed-in new teeth faster and more affordable.


After preliminary diagnostics and preparation, the doctor performs the entire procedure in a single day. He takes care of any needed extractions, places all your implants and provides you with a temporary and functional set of replacement teeth to wear while your implants heal. Your final new teeth will be fixed-in once healing is completed.

Advantages of New Teeth in One Day Fixed-In New Teeth

Implant-supported, fixed-in replacement teeth with New Teeth in One Day have major advantage

  • You can eat all the foods you want
  • No painful chewing sores
  • No inhibiting false upper palate
  • Prevention of future bone loss

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