Braces are dental tools that helps with the disfigurement of your teeth. Traditional braces are generally made up of metal or stainless steel with coloured brackets made of plastic, metal ceramic or combination. Visit us today and find more about transparent braces treatment in Mulund East.

What are transparent braces?

Transparent braces are clear braces that are made up of ceramic that helps with straightening and aligning of teeth to give you a perfect bite.

It has a clear bracket attached to the surface of your teeth with similar coloured wire or rubber to provide more discretion.

Why you should go for transparent braces?

Transparent braces are a wonderful option for the patients who would love to straighten their teeth but not want to have a multicolour look. Many a times coloured braces can give unpleasant look to your teeth, for example, yellow braces can make your teeth look more stained.

Transparent braces are less noticeable in day-to-day life.


What is the procedure for transparent braces?

Based on the condition of the patient's teeth and the patient's individual needs, the treatment process will be tailored accordingly. The transparent braces are custom-made for the patient so that they exert the right amount of pressure in the right areas.

The patient is made to wear the braces at least twenty to twenty-four hours a day. With the help of the braces, the tooth will gradually shift into place. This procedure is very simple and efficient.

With transparent braces, your smile will stand out at all social gatherings so that you can wow your friends with the results of your treatment.

What is the cost of transparent braces in Mulund East?

The cost of transparent braces when compared to traditional braces depends on the material used to make brackets. It is much more delicate than traditional braces and hence are priced a little higher but still in a very affordable range. We provide the best transparent braces treatment in Mulund East in an attractive pricing.

What are the benefits of transparent braces?

  • Gives a natural look.
  • The confidence in the smile is maintained without having the fear of showing the braces.
  • Get the desired smile after the procedure is completed.
  • Get aligned and strong teeth.
  • Boost your self-esteem.

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